Pay-per -click services are a very attractive option for online businesses of all sizes because the campaign options are flexible and can fit within any budget. Search engine use is growing daily for information on products, businesses, and vendors, and can help direct targeted, high-quality search engine traffic to your online business with a pay per click campaign.

Pay-per-click advertising involves the placement of a small ad linking to your site on the search results page of major search engines such as Google, MSN, and Yahoo. The exact placement of your ad is a result of a bidding process. The higher you bid on a particular word or phrase that you think relates to your product or service, the higher your ad will be placed in the margins on a search result page for that word or phrase. For example, if you sell cameras then you would bid on relevant search terms – such as "camera," "photography," or "film" – that a user might type in when looking for a camera. If you have placed the highest bid on the term "photography," then your ad will be in on the first page of search results.

Unlike a campaign using banner ads, pay-per-click advertising is action-driven, and you pay only when a user clicks on your ad. With pay per click advertising you will have a high level of assurance that your campaign is reaching the users you want to target, and you only pay for results.

Pay per click advertising is a reliable, cost-effective method but in order to be consistently successful the campaign must be closely monitored to fit within the characteristics specific to each search engine. That's where we come in. We have a thorough knowledge of how each system works and will monitor your campaign to keep your site at the top.

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